Monday, November 29, 2010

Our visit with Santa

Our family tradition of visiting with Santa Claus started last year when Destin was 9 months old. And of course she cried, even with mommy holding her. So now with our two under two girls...we had to go visit Santa Claus this year too! We decided that going to Bass Pro is the best place ~ here is why:

1. Seeing Santa Claus is FREE (it is everywhere!)
2. There are plenty of things to look at, play with (including toys, fish, stuffed animals, etc.)
3. You get a FREE pic of your child & Santa Claus
4. You also get a FREE kids meal to their restaurant at Bass Pro
5. Santa gives your child a candy cane :)
6. Someday Destin & Arwen won't be scared & will get to share what they want for Christmas :)

So, in case you were wondering...Destin did cry :( even with me holding her - lets hope next year goes better. Arwen was just in amazement of Santa's beard - we even got a pic of just her & Santa :) It was so cute! So here are the links for thier pics: (Destin, Arwen & I with Santa) (Arwen & Santa)

Here are some more Santa events in the area:
This link shares where you can get letters, phone calls from Santa, visit Santa, eat with Santa, etc.

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