Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Christmas in Kansas City!

Well, I posted that we went to see Christmas in the Sky last Wed, Nov 24 (the night before Thanksgiving)...which went okay. We got there way too early..and Destin got very restless and didn't want to sit still - she was climbing all over the car and not really watching the fireworks so we left in hopes that she would fall asleep on the way home - she did we stayed up for a while until she finally was out. The next day was Turkey Day (which I already wrote a post about). Friday night...Pat met up with his class of 2000 buddies in Belton/Raymore and got drunk as a skunk! Oh my! He never ever drinks, so it was funny to see him all liquored up :P

Saturday...we went to visit Santa Claus at Bass Pro (I think I have another post about this) and then that evening we finally went to see the lights at Christmas in the Park (at Longview in Lee's Summit). We got there about 7:30 ish, and waited in line over two hours before we drove thru the lights, which took about ten minutes. We got home late, and decided to check out the light show on Willow (up the street from us in Greenwood). It was very cool! They had lights playing synchronized with music via the radio. Every weekend the light show is supposed to be different - it was very neat to watch! They are raising money for a very good cause (although I can't remember what it is at the moment). So, if you are in Greenwood or in Lee's Summit area check out this great light show! Its free and changes every few minutes :)

So in the next couple of weeks, I hope to see all kinds of Christmas lights (mostly on the neighborhood houses) and we will probably check out 10th Street in Blue Springs, as we do every year.

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