Friday, November 5, 2010

Running away, potty training & more...

Wow! What a day/week it has been! We went to Music with Mar today (we met Holly, Karly & Kynly at Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center - thanks for coming by the way!), and the whole time we were there Destin decided to run away, down the hall and laugh the whole time. You would think, she would want to play, sing & dance with her friends, but NO! She stayed with me, only when I was holding her in my lap (and not just holding her, with my arms around hers so that she wouldn't run away).

Sadly, this is not something that is new. Since bringing home Arwen (and possibly even a couple months before hand), every time we go somewhere she stays with me for a little while, then she decides to run away. It doesn't seem to matter what we are doing, or where we are (Walmart, Target, the grocery store, a parking lot, a park, a school, etc.) she thinks its funny/sneaky/attention getting to run away as fast as she can from mommy.

I have to tell you, I absolutely hate it! It scares me to death knowing that she is this brave little girl wanting to go anywhere she wants, no matter what faces her...she could get stolen, hurt, lost, scared, etc. Ahhh! I have had a couple family members & friends say to invest in a wristband/backpack that ties to her..I just feel that I am being a bad parent b/c she won't stay with me...and I am basically restricting where she can go. I mean, could you imagine me holding on to her like that at a park? I just don't know what to do...I knew that the terrible twos were approaching, but I think she hit them about six months ago (which is way too soon!). Destin will be 2 in less than four who knows what will happen when we hit that milestone?!?!

Then to top it off, we have been letting Daisy & Duke stay out whenever we leave the house...and they make it a point to find something that I forgot to put up & tear it up to shreds. Whether it be a wrapper (not a big deal), a toy, plastic bags, the trash, etc. Today it was a extra large plastic bag that holds an electronic toy & accessories (which now we are missing two pieces) & Destin's plastic pumpkin that we got for 50 cents at Target the other night. Grrr...

Destin has decided that each time she goes potty, that she has to take off her pants & her matter what or where we are! Or what she has done (whether it be poop or pee)...very gross, and absolutely not okay, by any means! I would say this is very good sign that she is ready to start potty training again :) She loves to be naked, and sometimes she will go hide & take off all her clothes & diaper....but I would really like to try doing the potty thing again. We took a break for a little while, just because she had no interest, didn't really care when she went (unless it was a BM), and would scream & run away anytime I would mention the potty chair. But now, she tells me when she goes & immediately starts to strip off her diaper.

I'm thinking about starting a sticker & schedule chart with pictures for her. This might help motivate some potty time & could possibly help me (and daddy) put her on a good schedule for sleeping. These would be two separate, different things.

Sleeping is still not going well either...I'm not sure what week we are on since I started our so-called routine, but it went out the window & we are back to her going to sleep/falling asleep in our bed - then we transfer her to her own bed. For the most part, she sleeps all night, every night. But she still won't go to sleep on her own, in her own room or bed. I just don't understand why she wants to be with us so badly. We really aren't that exciting, and all we do is either watch tv, or go to bed ourselves.

In all honesty, I would like to have more "alone" time with Patrick too. We hardly see each other as it is, with him working 10 hours, 6 days a week...then we eat dinner, play, bathtime & then its time for bed. Our nights go by pretty fast...which I just don't see how making her go to sleep any earlier would help. It would be nice, but she has so much energy it would almost be silly to start any earlier than 9 pm. I am hoping that daylight savings this Sunday will help us out...but we will see how that goes!

Naptime is hit & miss, or so I think. This week, with the exception of one day, Destin has been going to sleep about fifteen minutes or less after I put her in bed. I tell her Iove her, give her a kiss, and after one trip to see me (or sometimes she will stay in there), she goes to sleep. The other day I found her buried underneath all of her stuffed animals in her bed (see pic below). Then she will sleep for usually an hour & a half or longer. Usually, she fights me for two or more hours until 3 pm (starting at 1 ish or so). I tried having her nap earlier, but it made it 1 pm is the magical time for now. I don't think she is ready to give up naps just yet, and I am not ready for her to either.

Arwen is sleeping great! She sleeps through the night, every night...and goes to sleep after about ten or fifteen minutes after I lay her down (as long as she isn't hungry, wet/dirty, or has an upset tummy). She is such a sweet girl! I just hope that Arwen stays this way for a very very long time(and believe it or not, Destin was too at this age! She slept through the night, every night from 6 weeks old til about 5 mos old). I am not sure what we are going to do, if both girls won't go to sleep when we want them to. Lets just hope we only have 1 to worry about for now!

Until next time, take care & have a great weekend! We are going to a friend's birthday party on Sunday :) Happy Birthday Anakin! I can't believe he is 2 already! Here are some pics I found from his birthday last year (its so hard to believe how much they have changed in a year!):

I remember Anakin was just learning how to walk & Destin loved playing with him for the first time :)

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