Monday, January 10, 2011

Its a new year!

Its a new year...which means new projects. And we didn't waste anytime getting started on our newest one...making the basement a new playroom for the girls & turning it into a guest room too.

We are about 1/3 of the way done of making this a finished project (the other 2/3 is putting the bed down there & organization). We started New Years weekend, and decided to start this project right after Christmas - when we looked in our third bedroom (the old playroom) which was so overfilled with toys that you couldn't even walk in the room. With that said, the girls DO NOT need any more new toys/clothes/books for awhile. Destin's 2nd birthday is approaching fast (less than a month away almost)...and I am hoping people would consider getting her money for her savings or maybe a membership to the Zoo or something :) We can dream, right?

Well anyway, all but a handful of her toys are currently downstairs in the basement. We moved our Tv from our bedroom downstairs too, on a swivel Tv stand hanging on the wall...then Pat decided he missed our Tv in our room (I missed it too) and bought a new one for downstairs and moved our Tv back upstairs. So currently, we have have of the basement filled with toys galore, a couch (which was given to us by my wonderful bro n' law & his wife), and the entertainment center (which is for sale - I need to post a pic of it on here, FB & Craigslist). This week, we plan to move our old King size bed downstairs, and that will be the "guest room" part of the newly designed basement. Hopefully we will get it all organized, decorated and such in the next month or so..but until then I am still cleaning upstairs daily.

The only bad part about the new toy room being downstairs, is that I can't be upstairs when the girls aren't. Maybe if they were older, but for now, I have to be with them both, watching/playing/interacting/teaching & having fun seeing my girls grow. But for those of you that do not know already, I like to multitask...I do the dishes/laundry/floors/bathrooms/email/blogging/facebook/play with the girls/breastfeed and lots more all day long. So I am going to move some toys upstairs, so I can continue to get things done while they play upstairs for a little bit each day.

So now that all of the toys are downstairs, Destin officially has a new bedroom to call her own (which was the old playroom). It still has her 9 cube book shelf with drawers (filled with leftover toys), and her toddler size bed. She still is not willing to go to sleep on her own, nor does she take naps, or sleeps in her bed longer than a few hours. She slept all night (meaning she stayed in there on her own until the morning) in her bed for the first time last week...she hasn't done this in a very long time. I just wish that some miracle would happen, and she would go to bed on her own, sleep in her own bed every night/all night...maybe someday she will again!

Arwen is still an amazing sleeper - she goes to sleep on her own, and stays asleep all night - every single night! We are so lucky! At about this age, Destin stopped sleeping through the I just hope & pray that Arwen will keep up her amazing sleeping skills :) Pretty soon, we will be starting her on cereal - I can't wait! This means, we need to find a booster seat for Destin & Arwen will have the old highchair (we still have to put it back together).

My task today (and last week) was to clean out all the closets, organize them, donate stuff, put stuff where it belongs, etc. I did my closet & worked on Destin's last week. Today, I plan to work on Arwen's closet & figure out what she needs as far as clothes go. She is just growing so 5 mos old, she is now growing out of 3-6 mos and is starting to wear her 6 mos clothing. Which means, 6-9 mos/6-12 mos will soon be approaching. I also switched from size 1-2 diapers, to size 2 diapers...since we have been having lots of blowouts (almost everyday!), which means lots of extra laundry for me and trying to get stains out of clothing. Yuck!

In other news...I am loving my Nook Color (a gift from Patrick). I hope that when I have more time, I can post where to get free ebooks, apps & more! Patrick & I play on it every night with the crossword puzzles, and I have read online that you can get apps for it too :)

New Years weekend...was also when we celebrated Christmas with Tammie (Patrick's mom). We had a very large brunch meal...bagels, donuts, eggs, hashbrowns, biscuits & gravy, muffins, and more! Gma Tammie & Papi Mick loved their new photo book that I made them from Shutterfly :) I am so thankful for getting 4 of those for free this year...I didn't have to may shipping either! Woo hoo! Destin got a really cute baby bed/sink/high chair (an all in one) toy with a new babydoll...she loves it! She has played with it almost everyday, and loves to feed her babies and put them to bed, then pretends to wash her hands :) Arwen got some new outfits...that will look so cute on her. They are size 6-9 months, which is the perfect next step when it comes to clothes for her.

That night...New Years Day...we went out to eat dinner with Pat's brother, Daniel, Heather & Braxton & Gma Tammie & Papi at Zarda's BBQ in Blue Springs. The same place that we had cater our was very yummy! Then we went back to their house and played the new "Dance 2 game" on Wii. I loved playing with Heather :) I can't wait to buy this game & play at home! It is definitely a workout, but lots of fun! I hope that over the next few weeks I can play the Wii more often...its been almost a good year that I haven't played. We moved it downstairs, and to my dismay, I found out that Pat sold most of our games as credit at Game Stop. I knew he was selling them, I just didn't realize we only had 4 left! Wow! So, maybe after we save up some money, we can go get some more games to play.

I already mentioned my New Years resolutions in another that is taken care of!

Milestones i am looking forward to...Destin sleeping in her own bed! Arwen crawling/talking/walking...and more!

As of right is snowing, snowing...almost 6 inches here - I have been telling Pat, I wish it would snow so I could take Destin outside to play. We don't have a sled, but from the looks of it outside - we need to get one :) We talked about turning Duke into a sled dog for Destin :) Last year, Destin was too little to play outside. So hopefully today or tomorrow we can enjoy this beautiful white wonderland outside!

I started writing this post on Jan this is just me getting caught up on saved posts for my blog :P Now I feel a little better...on to writing updates for organizing, dieting, cleaning, my babies growing up & more! Take care!

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