Monday, February 28, 2011

7 Month Old Letter to Arwen

I have seen several other mommy blogs out there that write letters to their little ones each month...and I thought I would give it a try. I am not sure I will go back and add the older months yet...I will just have to see how much time I have. So here we go:

Dear Arwen Kinsley,

Its so hard to believe you are now 7 months old! Time is just flying by and you are growing up before our are now able to sit up, and are in the process of learning how to crawl. Right now you like to scoot on your belly and it almost looks like you are swimming on the floor!

You are eating so good..just a few weeks ago you started eating rice cereal/oatmeal for breakfast & dinner. You are also eating baby foods (here is short list of what you have tried): peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, peaches, bananas, apples, and carrots. You still do great at breastfeeding too - at least six times a day or every two to three hours.

We have been waiting for you to get your first tooth...and it looks like you are getting your two bottom ones at the same time this week.

You are growing nonstop...some of your 6 and 6 -9 months clothing are starting to get to small..which means we are moving up to 6 - 12, and 9 months outfits. I had you wear your first pair of the shoes this past weekend - and you looked so grown up! Before we know it, you will be learning how to walk!

You are such a good talker, and you can always be seen with a smile on your face and in  your eyes (which are still baby blue!). You love to laugh out loud and share your voice with others. Your favorite new word is "dada" which is your first word. You say "mama" sometimes, but usually just when you cry (which is only when you are tired, hungry or have a tummy ache).

Sleep is something you don't take at least two naps a day (and you are the only one who really sticks to a schedule right now). You still sleep all night long (you have since you were 6 weeks old) and you love to play in your crib. You usually go to sleep on your own every night and sleep all night long. Then every morning I come in and you are talking, cooing and wiggling all around :)

You are learning how to wave bye bye or hi. Its so neat to see you do this!

You love your big are always trying to give her kisses or pull her hair. And she loves  you so much! I only hope that you two will be the best of friends as grow up together.

We are so excited to see you grow up and meet every new milestone in your path. I know by next month you will be crawling all over the place - talking more and eating new foods! I love you so much!


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