Monday, April 11, 2011

Roadtrip to Wichita

Over the weekend, we went on a Wichita, Kansas. This is where my dad's mother and sister live (my Grandma Reta & Aunt Tracie).

This trip well was way overdue...since the last time we came for a visit was Christmas 2009 - almost 18 months ago...Destin was 9 months old then, and I had just found out we were expecting Arwen. Now, with Destin 2 years old and Arwen 8 months old I knew we needed to make this trip.

When we left Saturday morning (after much prep work during the week!) the girls stayed pretty happy for the most part. Destin stayed awake the entire time (which was very surprising!) and Arwen slept for about an hour or more. They played with their toys, watched their DVD player, had a snack...all without stopping. The last part of our trip there was pretty rough, as neither one of the girls likes to ride in the car for very long...but for a 3 hour drive they did pretty good.

We arrived at my Aunt Tracie's house, where she made us yummy sub sandwiches and chips for lunch. Then after a little while my Grandma Reta came over and we all walked to their neighborhood park. The weather was so nice out, and we debated on going to the Zoo, but with time, money and the hot weather in mind, we decided a local park would be a better fit. The park was a little old for our baby swings or small slides - lots of climbing and it was pretty windy - but it was fun!

After going to the park, we came back and played with all of the toys from when my cousins, Caelan and Cole were little. Destin just loved it! And I think Arwen did too! What child doesn't love playing with new toys?

That night, we had a very yummy dinner and chatted for awhile. The girls got to take a bath in Aunt Tracie's big jacuzzi tub (I didn't have a chance to take pics). I am not so sure I would really want one now (I have always said I wanted one...but I could barely reach the girls to wash them, and Destin didn't like the jets).

The next morning (early at 6 am) we woke up, showered, got dressed and had a pancake breakfast. I had the girls dressed in some cute outfits...but I wasn't able to get any of the two of them together (at least with them both looking at me & smiling) :(

Then after a little while we left to visit my (eighty six year old) Great Grandma Mary (the girls' Great Great Grandma). She lives in a nursing home just outside of Eureka, Kansas. When we arrived, Destin made it very clear she did not want to be there - she was tired, wanted to be held, and was being her typical curious 2 year old self. She did not want to take pics, but after a while I was able to get a handful of some and Arwen with Grandma. The one below is my favorite (after a little bit of editing). 

Grandma was able to hold Arwen for a little while, and I think they both enjoyed it. The last time we saw my Grandma was when Destin was around the same age.

I am just really glad we were able to see her, and spend a little bit of time with her. She gave Destin and Arwen each a stuffed animal when we there - and Destin has not put down her bear since we came home! She even slept with her bear all night long!

After our visit, we made our way home, where the girls slept about half the time. The last twenty minutes or so, Arwen cried and definitely ready to be out of the car. For our first roadtrip (which lasted over 2 hours) I have to say it did not go too bad, and hopefully it won't be the last. Something that I love about roadtrips is how much Patrick and I talk...about life, love, our families, and more.

When we arrived at home, we played with the dogs (which Daisy is still hopping on three legs...), played outside with water, mowed the lawn, and had fun spending time as a family.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Take care!

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