Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Up Wednesday?

Its been kind of a slow week so far around here...but I wanted to share that over the weekend (while we were in Wichita) Arwen started to crawl more and more...and NOW she is officially crawling all the time (check that off our milestone list!). Last night she was crawling on her hands and knees to get Destin's toys, our feet, and of course Destin! It was so funny to watch her :) I still haven't got a video of it, but I plan to sometime this week. I also need to get a video of Arwen laughing and talking - no one believes me that she is loud and talkative since she gets shy around new people.

I also forgot to mention something about our trip last weekend...when we went to visit my Great Grandma, many of the residents there at the nursing home got to see us too. While we walked through, each of these older men and women just lit up - and started asking us questions...Are they twins? How old are they? What are their names?...we were truly the center of attention. It made me happy that we were able to light up their day, but at the same time it made me so sad to see all of those amazing people of older generations be stuck there - nowhere to go, nothing to do but talk amongst themselves, and wonder why their own loved ones don't visit more often.

I wonder how many other parents with two children (around the same age - our girls are 17.5 months apart) get asked if they are "twins"? I think I remember when my neices were younger - and they would get asked the same thing. :) Now they are school age, so I don't imagine that happens very often now - since they are about the same age apart as our girls.

Destin is quite the artist! She loves to color, paint, and make lots of things with playdoh/blocks/legos. Well...while I went to the grocery store, and daddy was checking his email - she drew a very BIG masterpiece all over her tummy/legs, the living room floor, the fireplace and Bubba Duke with PERMANENT BLACK MARKER!!! Yes, it is quite the sight to see! I am still needing to go get some rubbing alcohol to get it off. She has colored on herself a number of times with markers, but never with permanent marker. Patrick has to use them for work - and it was left out when emptying his pockets...yikes!

In regards to our is so pretty out, and less windy so I hope to get out of the house and take the girls to the park before the rain comes. Last night we all went outside after dinner and drew with chalk, played with water, and I took some pics.

Today, Destin turns 26 months old...not a whole lot has changed since last month. She is still talking and learning new things everyday. Her newest saying is, "I love it!" Destin is still very much a daddy's girl, and loves to be wherever he is. Sleep is starting to become a little easier (we usually have her go to our bed, and she falls asleep by 8:15 or so, then we transfer Destin to her own bed, where she has been sleeping all night about half the time). She is now starting to let me style her hair (you can see her pigtails in some photos over the last two weeks). We are still working on letter recognition, numbers (she can count up to 20), colors (she knows them most of the time), and shapes (she knows most of them).

And Arwen is 8.5 months old ~ crawling on her hands and knees everywhere, talking/laughing and expressing herself all the time. She is definitely an explorer and I think she will be helping her big sister make messes. Still sleeping great! Still has 2 teeth. Still is very much a mommy's girl, and gets upset when I leave the room (sometimes). She still has her bright blue eyes too...I am starting to think she might be keeping them.

Also...I want to wish a very Happy 4th Birthday to Daisy & Duke! I cannot believe my furbabies are 4 years old! (I am going to write a post just for them...)

From our family to yours, have a great Wednesday!

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