Monday, June 13, 2011

Destin is 28 months!

Destin is 28 months today! Wow! Hard to believe it was only 4 months ago that she turned 2 years old...

In that time, Destin has been learning how to be a big sister, her ABCs (she knows about half of them), her numbers, colors, and shapes. We are working on spelling out her name, alphabet letters, and following directions almost daily.

She really is showing how much she has grown up - talking in full length conversations, playing with the big kids and making new friends.

Here she is with her friend Karly was so much fun to see Destin play with someone her own age. Karly is just a few months older than Destin :) And Karly's baby sister is about 2 months younger than Arwen :) This was the first time Arwen had ever played with another baby. I know, we need to get out more!

Hopefully this summer will bring more playdates, more trips outside, and of course more learning for both Destin and I. Being a parent is a learning process, and I continue to learn from Destin every single day. She tries my patience, and challenges me to the end, but my love for her is unconditional. I love my girls so much and I am so proud to be called their mama.

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