Monday, June 13, 2011

What's new with us? certainly has been awhile since I last wrote on my Shutterfly site for the girls & here on my blog, so I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone...

Over the weekend, we went to the legends, and "window shopped" at Cabellas, Nebraska Furniture Mart, and some other stores. We also ate lunch at the Dinosaur place - Destin seemed to like it. But it way overpriced eat there and the food wasn't that good :(

We haven't been real busy - just the normal routine. Arwen is getting bigger everyday, and I just know she will be walking by the end of the month (if not earlier). And Destin just amazes me everyday with how much she is learning - she can recognize about half of her letters, knows all of her colors/shapes and we are working on numbers. She is so smart!

Jealousy has definitely kicked in, and since Arwen is on the go and into everything, Destin is not having a good time trying to figure out how to share her toys, old clothing and more.

Speaking of clothing...I don't know where, and I don't know why...but someone said that I posted that the girls did NOT need any more clothes. If I ever said that - I take it back!!! They are growing so fast, and their clothes only last for so long! So friends, and family - if you see something cute at a garage sale, or store and want to buy it for Destin & Arwen, by all means, PLEASE do! Destin is wearing 2T and Arwen is wearing 12 mos. Any new clothes (from a garage sale or store) would be welcomed with OPEN ARMS! Destin loves new clothes, and since money is tight we cannot always afford to go out and buy the girls clothes all the time. Thank you to the Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas & Grandpas that go above and beyond in this area :) We are so incredibly thankful for everything you all do for us!

We have a new family member - our gold fish. He/she (not sure which) is so cute! He loves to eat, and swim (of course!) and has a mustache. He is our seventh fish in the last month...they all did not last more than a few days...but I think this one is a keeper. He has been around for about 2 weeks and is still growing bigger everyday.

I have been staying busy with setting up playdates for the girls and I; and working at home with Frugal Fabulous Finds (a blog site that promotes deals, freebies, giveaways and product reviews).

I hope to start working on my other Shutterfly Share Site, Roach Family tree - where I am compiling pictures, stories, etc. for both Patrick and I (on both sides). I have been looking for a company to take our old pics (at a low price) and scan them into digital files. I think I may have narrowed my search down to a few places. I have probably over 2,000 photos. And I just don't have the time to scan all of them on my computer printer scanner. If you know of any cheap deals, or could help me find something cheap - let me know! We don't have a lot of money to spend, but I would LOVE to do this as my newest hobby :)

Patrick is busy working...and will soon be starting a Summer Softball League this coming up Father's Day weekend, every Sunday in Raymore. He will be playing with his brothers, dad and some friends. I am not sure how often the girls and I will go watch him play - we will just have to see what happens.

Its hard to believe we are half way through June almost...only about 1 month and a half before Arwen turns 1 year old! And Destin turns 28 months today! I will write a separate post for that :)

I hope everyone is doing well! Keep in touch! Comment on pictures and posts :)

Take care, Melissa

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